When I was a small girl, I was told that artists saw everything differently and I believed it literally. I thought it meant that their eyes were completely different and that what they saw was exactly what they reproduced on the canvas. So in memoriam to that belief, I wanted to paint the Irises of artists or importantes figures who have influenced my look into everything.

Quand j'etais tres petite, on m'a dit que les artistes voyaient tout differement. J'ai cru que ca voulait dire que leur yeux etaient differents et qu'ils voyaient et peignaient de maniere exacte leur realite differente. En l'honneur de cette croyance, je voulais representer les yeux d’artistes et personnes importantes qui ont influences mon regard.

Irises - ongoing series. Currently in Pondicherry, India. At the Kalinka gallery. 12’x12’ on watercolor paper. Ink and paint

Top row: Vincent van Gogh, Freidensrich Hundertwasser, Max Ernst, Keith Haring

Middle row: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Sigmund Freud, Joseph Beuys, Hans Richter

Bottom row: Franscesco Clemente, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, Jasper Johns, Gustav Klimt