I would like to thank my children: Paolo, Lucien and step children: Indi-Anna, Reid and Kuvonn as well as my dear husband, Kevin Richardson, for his insight and help with his photographic expertise and equipment when I shoot. I am also very grateful for the volunteers who let me paint on them and gave me their time and trust which are two of the biggest treasures in life. My deep thanks to the dancers: Julian Watson, Ashley Whitson, Erika Citrin, Cassandra Martin, Ezra Goh and Jenny Winton for their incredible professionalism.  My thanks to Birgid Volens for her music compositions for the videos and the quality of her presence. Special thanks to Yan Valle and Dmitri Aksenov from the VR foundation who kick started my Vitiligo project, to Lee Thomas a great advocate for the Vitiligo cause, author and anchor at Fox 5 Detroit for his positive and generous energy, Doc Higgins of Detroit, Arielle Pacaud & the MAI ( Montreal Arts Interculturels), Karine Pelade owner of Kalinka gallery in Pondicherry India for my solo show in July, Augusta Savage Gallery at UMass University & Flyer Art Gallery in Rome for including me in their group show as well as the great writer and host Laurent Herrou/ Public Averti II with his group show in Sept./ Oct. 2016 and our performance in May 2016. Fabien Robineau for being there for me and bringing me around the world to taste its ample beauty. David Sharps at the Waterfront Museum in New York City who answered positively to my proposal of a show and performance pieces on Saturday June 4th 2016. Thank you CNN.com and Mic.com for featuring my artwork. A big shout out to editing wizard Kuvonn Richardson and model for "Unarmed & Dead".  Thanks to Nordine Lahlou for including me in his professional adventures, his coaching and his wisdom. Merci merci to the people from all over the world who support my artwork with their appreciation and comments on social medias. To my family and friends in France as well who are each a stone in the construction of my thinking and artwork as a result. Thanks also to the people who have been harsh or critical but not indifferent. And thanks also to the ones who are no longer living but who are very present nevertheless, leading the way with their light onto my path.

My reverence 


Detail of Hara#1. Stephanie Corne.